Customer Gift Cards from Greenlink Managment
Gift cards make it easy for all of your customers to give just the right gift without any of the hassles.
Greenlink Management makes it easy for your business to take gift cards with your existing equipment and has three different programs to fit any customer’s needs.

Take advantage of the growing gift card trend Gift cards give everyone what they want. They save time and effort for gift givers. They let gift card Recipients buy something they know they’ll enjoy. Best of all, gift cards let merchants:

Attract new customers into the store
Generate “upfront” cash flow
Increase sales greater than the card amount
Enhance customer convenience and satisfaction
Simplify merchandise returns
Increase visibility for their brand
Greenlink’s Gift Cards work hard as gift cards, prepaid cards, merchandise return cards and employee cards.

For more information on Greenlink’s Gift Card Solutions, contact Greenlink Management at 1-800-856-8640.


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