Affordable, Hassle-Free Payroll Services

Greenlink works with our partner, Greenlink Payroll to offer comprehensive, cost-effective payroll solutions for companies of all sizes.

Simplify your payroll management once and for all, with Paylink's customizable, smart payroll packages that allow you to choose the type of service that your company needs. We offer different payroll packages designed to work in line with whatever level of involvement makes sense for you and your business. We provide scalable payroll at the right price, whether you have one employee or 1,000.

Payroll Options
It is easy to report payroll to your assigned customer service member. You can always contact them directly via phone or email to get the answers you seek.

To report payroll from any location, any time, visit our online platform at This allows you to process payroll at your convenience. You can make changes, track employee records and more on this comprehensive product.

There are also ways to import your payroll directly to us. Whether you wish to submit time directly from your time keeping component, your Aloha system or a customized spreadsheet that we can create for you, you will find accuracy and ease with our multiple options.


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