Retail Solutions

Processing Solutions for Retail Stores
Greenlink Management Group can provide your store, shop or market with an array
of terminal solutions that will fit your needs. Whether you own a department store, clothing store, grocery store or a specialty shop, we offer processing features for the retail industry that will support all major credit and debit cards. The retail industry encounters many unique situations that your credit card merchant must be able to manage effortlessly.

Greenlink Management Group can provide your business with a merchant account that will accommodate many special situations, which occur daily at the counter.

Here are some of the areas in which Greenlink Management Group will be able to help you:

Unsurpassed speed and reliability in processing payments. With connections into almost every credit, debit and ATM network nationwide, Greenlink Management offers you faster and more dependable service.
Seamless integration into your existing payment processing platforms. Greenlink Management Group is certified on many of the nation's leading integrated operating systems, including Retail Pro, Shift 4, Counterpoint, Sellmate Store Management and many others.
Affordable purchase/lease options to help you upgrade your terminals and equipment for optimal payment processing. Greenlink Management is a single source provider of entire range of POS terminal peripherals including PIN pads, and check readers.

For more information on Greenlink's Merchant Processing Solutions for Retail Stores, please contact us at 1-800-856-8640.


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